Magazine Mail

With Magazine Mail, you can send catalogs, magazines, or member newsletters to a large group of recipients multiple times a year.

When you want to send catalogs, magazines, or member newsletters to a large group of recipients multiple times a year

Do you need to send catalogs, magazines, member newsletters or other printed publications to many recipients, with a fixed number of annual issues? Then our Magazine Mail service is what you need.

Benefits with Magazine Mail

High quality

High delivery quality with Address Verification which helps to achieve and maintain quality in your address database.

Simple delivery requirements

Delivery requirements are tailored to the printing shop’ and adress agencies’ production.


PostNord´s most affordable alternative when you want to send a catalog, magazine or member newsletter.

Magazine Mail also includes the Address Verification service of your address database, which validate the recipient’s
address with PostNord’s recipient address database. PostNord return your address data, which you should use for the
send out of. You can use the corrected address information to maintain your address database. The Address Verification
sorts the addresses into distribution order, improves data quality ande ensures that magaszines reach the right

Magazine Mail can be used for sending out at least 30,000 printed items per year, divided into at least 4 batches.
Minimum of 1,500 items per batch. The magazines must not exceed 2 kg, minimum dimension 14 x 9 cm and
maximum dimension 33 x 23 x 2 cm.


The prices are available here.

Practical information

Go to Pratical information - Magazine Mail to read all about the practical stuff about Magazine Mail - including the requirements for packaging on pallets, formats for addressing data and much more.

Technical advice about Address Verification

You can obtain technical advice about the Address Verification service and about creating address files by contacting Product Support Magazine Mail on 70 21 23 16 between 9 am and 4 pm on working days, or via email to​

Contact details for questions about Magazine Mail​

If you have any questions about Magazine Mail, please contact Customer Service Business. You can also contact Product Support Magazine Mail on 70 21 23 19 between 9 am and 4 pm on working days, or via email to

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