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Magazine Mail

With Magazine Mail, you can send catalogs, magazines, or member newsletters to a large group of recipients multiple times a year.

Benefits with Magazine Mail
  • It is the cheapest option if you want to send a catalog, magazine or member newsletter.
  • Relationship-enhancing – you strengthen your relationship with customers and increase commitment.
  • High delivery quality with Address Wash being an integral part of the product.
  • Delivery requirements are tailored to the printing shops’ and address agencies’ production.
When you want to send catalogs, magazines, or member newsletters to a large group of recipients multiple times a year

Do you need to send catalogs, magazines, member newsletters or other printed publications to many recipients, with a fixed number of annual issues? Then our Magazine Mail service is what you need.

Magazine Mail also includes the Address Wash service for your address data. Address Wash sorts the addresses into distribution order, improves data quality and ensures that magazines reach the right recipients.

Magazine Mail can be used for sending at least 30,000 printed items per year, divided into at least 4 batches. Minimum of 1,500 items per batch.

The magazines must have a uniformly printed content and may be sent either without packaging or covered in plastic film. The title of the magazine should be clearly visible on the cover.


The prices are available here.

Practical information

You need to have an agreement with PostNord to send Magazine Mail consignments to recipients in Denmark. Upon entering into an agreement, a submission summary will be drawn up specifying all the batches that are to be sent during the term of the agreement.

For more information read our fact sheet Sorted magazine mail.

Sizes and weight of Magazine Mail items

The magazine must not weigh more than2 kg
Minimum dimensions14 x 9 cm
Maximum dimensions33 x 23 x 2 cm

Technical advice about Address Wash

You can obtain technical advice about the Address Wash service and about creating address files by contacting Product Support Magazine Mail on 70 21 23 16 between 9 am and 4 pm on working days, or via email to​

Contact details for questions about Magazine Mail​

If you have any questions about Magazine Mail, please contact Customer Service Business. You can also contact Product Support Magazine Mail on 70 21 23 19 between 9 am and 4 pm on working days, or via email to

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Useful information about Magazine Mail

Useful information about Magazine Mail

Get a complete overview of everything from formats to delivery slips (B69). Download our customer manual for Magazine Mail – simple and straightforward.

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