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Direct Mail

With Direct Mail, you can build up customer relationships by sending creative advertising to households and businesses.
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Make use of Direct Mail when you want to send advertisements to lots of recipients

Do you want to gain the attention of lots of people and attract more consumers with your message? Direct Mail lets you build on relationships with existing customers, find new customers in your target market, generate traffic for your online store, and attract new customers to your physical store. Effectively and easily.


Benefits with Direct Mail

It is an economical option if you want to send advertisements.

Relationship-enhancing – you strengthen your relationship with customers and demonstrate your commitment.

Attract attention using creative advertising.

Reach your audience on the first attempt by collecting your recipient addresses in your print file before sending the items (free of charge).

Direct Mail is an economical option if you want to gain the attention of lots of people with your offers. Direct Mail allows you to send 3,000 items or more. For maxiletters the limit is only 1,000 pieces*. Direct Mail can be used to form your own specific message, exactly as you want it. Perhaps you want to inspire people to make purchases using a catalog or brochure? Or why not send out personal offers, discount codes or samples of goods? You can be as creative as you want.

Posting of consignments

Advance notice

Advance notification should always be provided about individual batches consisting of 5,000 items or more.

Click to register your shipments

Direct Mail can be handed in at letter terminals in Fredericia or Taastrup. At Taastrup you must inform the Terminal of the shipment at least one day in advance if you do not have a regular agreement. Please use this form (in Danish) and send it to

The latest posting time is 6 pm.

You may also choose to hand in at selected business mail centers for a fee.

We deliver the items within five working days of them being posted.

If you choose to use Direct Mail, it must be possible to machine-sort your consignments. This means:

  • Consignments must be flat
  • There must be space for a sorting code

You can also select ‘Manual Processing’.

This gives you the freedom to send Direct Mail in exactly the format and color you want. We guarantee the use of manual processing, which also means you do not have to worry about leaving a space on the envelope for the barcode.

Contents of consignments

Direct Mail constitutes standard letters containing only advertising or marketing material.

Direct Mail letters may not contain:

  • Individual messages such as account statements, invoices, demands for payment or other commercial correspondence.
  • Magazines and papers on subscription/for permanent delivery
  • Ordered goods.


It costs a standard price per letter to send up to 10,000 items. The price is lower for sending 10,000 or more items.

New customers receive an introductory discount of 15%.

You can calculate your price here. See also price list for Direct Mail, incl. additional services (pdf) - in Danish.

Over-sized items: Maxiletters with a thickness of more than 3 cm and/or larger than 33 x 23 cm are considered to be over-sized. They are subject to a volume surcharge.

* For maxi letters the minimum amount of 1,000 pieces applies for all weight intervals across. In case of payment up to the minimum, the residue will be calculated from the price in the highest weight interval in the batch.

Additional services

Manual handling and large shipments – if you want to send your Direct Mail in the format and colors of your choice.


Dimensions and weights

Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum 23 x 17 cm
Max. thickness 0.5 cm
Max. weight 50 g
Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum 33 x 23 cm
Max. thickness 1 cm
Max. weight 250 g
Minimum 9 x 14 cm
Maximum Length 60 cm (and length + width + height = 90 cm)
Max. weight 1 kg


Do you need further advice or guidance?

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service.

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