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Address Validation

Keep your recipient addresses for letter and direct mail items updated using Address Validation.

Customer Service
Benefits with Address Validation
  • Fast and safe – with the right recipient data, you quickly reach the right person or company.
  • Saves time and money – you avoid printing and postage costs for letters that cannot be delivered to the recipient. And you do not need to carry out returns handling or send a letter twice to the same recipient.
  • Relationship-enhancing – you maintain your valuable customer relationships
Keep your recipient addresses for letter and direct mail items updated using Address Validation

You can use Address Validation to keep your recipient addresses for letter and direct mail items updated.

When companies or individuals change their address or name, it can cause major losses to your business due to lost contact with customers. Address Validation is a service that validates recipient addresses for your letter and direct mail items using the PostNord recipient database. The service helps you keep your recipient addresses updated and is free of charge if you send items to at least 1,000 different addresses.

With Address Validation, we help you:

  • update your recipient addresses with the new addresses of customers who have moved
  • eliminate duplicate addresses
  • mark customers who have registered not to receive advertising (are registered on the Robinson list)
  • by providing delivery recommendations based on address quality (for example, we provide insight into whether quality issues are due to an incorrect name, address, house number, or if the person/address cannot be found)
  • divide addresses between residential and business addresses.

Even if you use CPR or CVR addresses, delivery quality will also increase if addresses are updated against the PostNord recipient database.

Updated recipient data from PostNord may only be used by you as a customer and when sending shipments for which you are the sender.

How to get started

If you have questions or need help getting started, feel free to contact your salesperson or Customer Service Business.
Customer Service