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Tell us you’re moving

If you move house, we can send mail directly to your new home even if it is addressed to where you lived before. This service is available whether you have moved permanently or just need temporary mail forwarding. The service is free.

Types of moves

Forwarding to a different address in Denmark

If you tell us that you have moved to a different address in Denmark, we will forward letters, newspapers and magazines to your new address. We do not forward parcels, unaddressed items (e.g. circulars) or local weekly newspapers.

Permanent change of address*

When changing your address permanently, we will forward your mail for an initial period of six months, which can be extended by another six months by contacting our Customer Service team on +45 70 10 00 54.

If you move abroad, we can forward letters to your new address. We do not forward unaddressed items (e.g. circulars), newspapers, magazines or local weekly newspapers to addresses abroad.

Temporary change of address/Holding mail

If you move from your usual address temporarily, e.g. to your summer house, we can help you in three different ways:

  1. ​We can forward mail to your holiday address. In case of a temporary change of address, mail can be forwarded for between 14 days and six months.
  2. We can hold your letters, newspapers (daily), weekly newspapers and magazines (min. seven days and max. 31 days). Once the agreement to hold your mail expires, we will deliver the mail to you and normal delivery services will resume.
  3. You can get envelopes for bulk forwarding mail from your local post office, which means that you can ask family members or neighbours to forward the mail that we deliver to your mailbox.

*Reklamer - Nej tak [Circulars: No, thank you] etc.

Please note that if you are registered as part of the Reklamer - Nej tak [Circulars: No, thank you], Reklamer og gratisaviser - Nej Tak [Circulars and free newspapers: No, thank you] or Modtagerflex unattended delivery service, these will stop when you move permanently to a new address.

Remember to re-register at your new address.

Do not forget to remove your name from your old mailbox when you move.

Moving or Holding mail

ePosthuset makes it easy for private individuals to change address

If you are a private individual and are moving house in Denmark, all you need to do is tell us about your new address.

To access ePosthuset, log in using your NemID. You can fill out a form her to tell us that you are moving.

Redirection and holding of mail for private individuals needs to be done via ePosthuset.*

ePosthuset also lets you specify a new address for all members of the household, although you will not be able to change an address for someone with whom you do not live.

On the ePosthuset website, you will be asked to specify whether it is a

  • permanent change of address
  • temporary change of address
  • request to hold mail for a set time

It can take up to four days for a request via ePosthuset to take effect. If you tell us about the change of address using a different method (see below), this may take a couple extra days.

*What if I cannot use ePosthuset?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use ePosthuset to tell us about a change of address. Contact our Customer Service team in the following circumstances:

  • ​C/O: if your address is a C/O address
  • Abroad: if you are moving to a different country
  • If you are under the age of 15
  • Estate of a deceased person: there are certain rules if you are forwarding mail on from a deceased person’s estate
  • If you are helping someone without a NemID
  • Business addresses

Contact Customer Service

Our Customer Service team will be happy to help you find the right solution when changing address. Contact our Customer Service team via e-mail at or by phone at +45 70 10 00 54.

You can also read how to change address in ePosthuset by clicking "Moving house".

If you are a business customer, you will find more information by clicking on Changing address for business customers.

Unlisted adress

We are required to give other registered postal services access to information regarding changes of address.

If you prefer that we do not pass on your address, you can ask for an unlisted address.

You can let us know by indicating that you would like an unlisted address when you advise us of your change of address via ePosthuset. Cross the correct box on the form. However, you should note that we are obliged to pass on information about your address if local authorities request it, even if you have asked for an unlisted address. Please refer to section 10(2) of the Danish Act on the Civil Registration System.

It is not possible to have an unlisted address if a business is involved in the change of address.

If you would also like your address to be unlisted in the national register, please contact them directly.

Check list

Remember that you will need to tell the national register about your move within five days Electricity and utility companies: some companies require you to notify them no later than three days before moving out.

Application for rent allowance if you are moving to rented accommodation – find out more on

Remember to notify the following of your change of address

  • Employer
  • Telephone companies
  • Insurance company: different circumstances may have an effect on your policy/premiums
  • Schools/day-care
  • Doctor/consultant/dentist/veterinarian
  • Electricity/gas/oil company
  • Heating company
  • Water company
  • Building office or janitor
  • Dog/cat register
  • Breakdown service
  • Clubs and leisure activities
  • Newspaper/magazine subscriptions
  • Credit cards/membership cards​​
  • Blood banks

Some companies and public authorities are automatically notified of your change of address when you notify the national register of your move.


According to the law, you must notify the authorities in the municipality that you are moving to within five days of changing address.

You can also register up to four weeks before you move.

Click here to find out more about notifying the national register of a change of address.​​​

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