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Unattended delivery

Modtagerflex - Unattended delivery

The Modtagerflex unattended delivery service offers you flexibility because nobody needs to be ‘in’ when we deliver your parcels.

What can we deliver?

We can deliver parcels to suit you

Save yourself a trip to the post office and agree with us on a location where you would like us to leave your parcels – even if there is nobody home. We call this service Modtagerflex. Modtagerflex is available to all our customers.

The Modtagerflex unattended delivery service lets you agree with PostNord Danmark on a place where we can leave your parcels and oversized letters. If you are signed up to our Modtagerflex service, you do not need to be in to receive a delivery.

Ww will deliver the items to a location that you agree with us in advance. And we will send you a message when we have left an item for you. If the item fits in your mailbox, we will leave it there.

Even if you are signed up to our Modtagerflex service, there are still some items that cannot be delivered via Modtagerflex.

  • ​registered mail (requires a signature)
  • insured mail (requires a signature)
  • customs items (payment needs to be made at a post office)
  • payment on delivery parcels (payment needs to be made at a post office)



With Modtagerflex, we are responsible for replacement of items as long as the parcel is in our keeping. Once the parcel has been placed in the agreed location, responsibility for the item passes to your company in the event that the parcel is lost or becomes damaged. Unfortunately, in such cases we cannot be responsible for damages.

The service covers all parcels sent to a single address.

Sign up - call customer service

Sign up for Modtagerflex unattended delivery service call + 45 70 70 70 30.

Mailbox label

Once we have registered you for the service, your company will receive a label that you will need to put on your mailbox.

This label will tell the mailman what your chosen location is, which meant that we will always leave your parcels in the correct place. It may take up to seven days for the registration to become effective. We will also need seven days for any changes (e.g. changing the delivery location) or cancellation of the Modtagerflex service.

If you changes address

Do not forget to cancel your Modtagerflex service if you move house.

Please also remove the label from the mailbox.

You are welcome to sign up to the Modtagerflex service once more when you are at your new address.

How we deliver

​Once your registration for the Modtagerflex service has been completed (please note it may take up to seven days for it to become effective), the mailman will leave items in the agreed location.

Once the item has been delivered, you will receive an SMS and/or e-mail to the phone number/e-mail address specified by the sender. If the sender has not specified a phone number or e-mail address, we will leave a note in the mailbox.

If the item is only small, the mailman will leave it in the mailbox.

When you sign up, you will have to choose a location that will become your fixed delivery point. It is your responsibility to ensure that the parcel can be delivered legally.

​​If we cannot deliver to the specified location (in the case of e.g. a locked door), we will leave your parcel for pick up at the post office or in a Pakkeboksen terminal. We will notify you where and how you can pick up your item.​