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Receive all your mail in electronic format

Would you like your company’s mail to be handled in a unified flow? Would you like your mail to be distributed and stored electronically in your company’s management system? Our subsidiary Data Scanning A/S can help you

Would you like your company’s mail and other communications to be handled in a unified flow? Would you like your mail to be distributed electronically in your company? Our digitalization subsidiary Data Scanning A/S can help.

Data Scanning delivers the market’s leading input management solutions. Digitalization supports all forms of written communication from all communication channels. We can electronically distribute and data enrich documents, as well as delivering and storing documents and data in practically any management system.

With the help of Data Scanning’s input management solutions, you will be able to:

  • receive all company communications in a unified electronic flow – both physical mail and digital communications from e.g. e-mail systems, e-Boks, Digital Post, portal forms, etc.
  • have all the company’s communications delivered electronically to the correct recipient in the company and/or stored in your management system
  • have all your invoices (paper, PDF and EDI) digitalized and stored directly in your workflow system
  • have your physical archives digitalized – we will take care of the entire process right from packing your archives into boxes to delivery and hosting of the electronic archive

Data Scanning’s input management solutions offer you the following advantages:

  • optimized document management processes with good ROI
  • optimized, uniform document management and casework
  • secure electronic delivery at an agreed time
  • customised document management solutions designed to fit your needs
  • access to digital skills and technology
  • competent project management that will guide you safely through the digitalization process
  • regain managerial ownership for managing incoming communications

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