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Business receiving

Change business address

If your business relocates, we can forward mail to the new address, even if it is addressed to the old address. We can also hold your mail for a set period. This service is free of charge.

Permanent change of address

If your company is permanently relocated, we will forward your mail for six months. 

If you move abroad, we can forward letters to your new address. We do not forward unaddressed items (e.g. circulars), newspapers, magazines or local weekly newspapers to addresses abroad.

Remember to also update the company’s new permanent address at Virk Indberet.

Holding mail

We can also hold letters, newspapers (daily newspapers), weekly newspapers and magazines for up to 31 days. Once the agreement to hold your mail expires, we will deliver the mail to you and normal delivery services will resume.

Telling us about a company change of address

If you are a business customer and are relocating in Denmark or abroad, all you need to do is tell us about your new address.

Remember to also update the company’s new permanent address at Virk. Click and you find Virk's contact information.

If you tell us that you have moved to a different address in Denmark, we will forward your letters, newspapers and magazines to the new address. We do not forward parcels, unaddressed items (e.g. circulars) or local weekly newspapers.

Request to hold your mail

If your company is closed for a certain time, we can hold (retain) your mail.

We will retain mail for up to 31 days, after which we will resume delivery on the first working day after the agreed period.