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Flexible delivery

See your options here for receiving your shipments in the most convenient way.


– Get your parcel delivered to your address – even when you’re not at home.

You can make an agreement with us to leave your parcels in a specified location at your address so that you don’t have to be at home to receive them. See the video to find out how you easily set up Modtagerflex.

We offer Modtagerflex to all citizens. However, you cannot register your holiday home. You will be notified when we have delivered a consignment to your address. If the consignment is small, we’ll put it in your mailbox.

When the parcel is left at the specified location, our liability ends and the responsibility passes on to you.

When you register, everyone at the address is automatically registered.

If you only want your packages left at your address once in a while, and you don’t want to be permanently registered with Modtagerflex, you can use FlexChange for certain consignments. FlexChange is the option to give us a one-time authorization to deliver a particular parcel in a particular way if you are not at home to receive the parcel as expected.
See more about the criteria for FlexChange here.

Proof Of Delivery

As something new, you can use Proof Of Delivery in the PostNord app. Our courier takes a "Proof Of Delivery" photo of your package, and if you have My-ID validated yourself in the app, you will immediately be able to see the image of your consignment and where it is located at your address.


Register for Modtagerflex in the PostNord app


Parcel lockers (Pakkeboks/Nærboks)

– Have your parcel delivered to a parcel locker near you.

You will be notified via text message, email, the PostNord app or a notification card when your parcel is ready for collection. After that, you have seven days to collect it.

Depending on the type of parcel locker, you can collect your parcel in one of the following ways:

Parcel locker (Pakkeboks):
Pakkeboks_02_hvidt logo low res.jpg
Your will receive two PIN codes that you must enter on the parcel locker (Pakkeboks) screen, after which the parcel locker door will open.

Parcel locker (Nærboks):
Nærboks2 (1) low res.jpg
Download and open the PostNord app on your phone. With Bluetooth activated and with a single click, the parcel locker door will open when you are close to the parcel locker (Nærboks).

Parcel robot:
Image low res pakketårn.jpg

You will receive a QR code and PIN code, and you choose which one you want to scan at the parcel robot, after which the parcel robot door will open.


Find your nearest parcel locker/robot

More flexible options

Authorization to collect

Have someone else pick up your consignments.

You can let someone else pick up your parcels by giving them authorization. If you have received a text message or email saying that the parcel is ready for pick-up, you can forward the message as authorization. If you have received a physical note that the parcel is ready for pick-up, this can be used as authorization. The person who picks up the parcel must remember to bring their own ID if it is picked up at a service point.

Poste Restante

Have your mail delivered to a post office of your choosing.

If you are traveling around the world for a period of time or staying in a town where you do not have a permanent address, you can have your shipments delivered to a post office of your choice.

On the front of the consignment, the sender must write the following:

  • Your name or company name
  • The specific post office including address, zip code and town where you want to collect the consignment.
  • The term ‘Poste Restante’ 

When you collect your mail, you need to provide your name and show ID.

We only store your mail for 14 days, after which it will be returned to the sender.