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Practical information

Tracked Letter DK

All the practical information necessary for using Tracked Letter DK is presented below.

Flex Delivery

In the case of Flex Delivery, PostNord accepts no liability for any for any loss or damage.

Please ensure that your subscription/freight conditions state that the consignment may be left at the address if it cannot be delivered in the mailbox 

Tracking and documentation of delivery via the Customer Portal

Tracked Letter DK consignments are scanned upon delivery to your customers so that you receive documentation.

We scan the consignments throughout the process, so you can track your Tracked Letter DK from the moment it is dropped off at PostNord and until delivery to your customer:

  • at our terminal during sorting (the day after drop-off)
  • at our distribution hub (day of delivery of the consignments)
  • on delivery of the consignment at the address

You can easily and effectively follow all your Tracked Letter DK consignments in the Customer Portal Learn more about how the Customer Portal can make things easier for you

If you do not already have access to the Customer Portal but do have an agreement with PostNord, you can access the Customer Portal here

Adresselabels and EDI

A special address label is required for Tracked Letter DK consignments, and you also need to submit an EDI file about the consignments to PostNord.

To create an adress label and EDI, you need a distribution system (TA system). Read more about distribution systems here.

Other product terms and conditions

You must drop off a minimum of 100 items during one month.


You must drop off your consignments in separate packaging: sacks, postal containers, pallets. For pallets, consignments must be loosely loaded and can be wrapped or placed in scantainer boxes.

Consignments must be pre-sorted according to EAST/WEST (0900-4999/5000-9999).

A direction slip (bag tag, vignette for mail container/pallet) must be attached to each package for EAST/WEST. Click here to access and print the direction slip (In Danish). 

You can drop off the items at one of the two letter terminals, in Høje Taastrup or Fredericia, or at a PostNord business drop-off location. You can hand in up to 2,000 items at a business drop-off location, and you will need to allow an extra day for delivery.

You can have your consignments collected from your address if you have a pick-up agreement.

Do you want to learn more?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Customer Service.