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Send/Preparatory activities

Returned letters

We do all we can to deliver your letters. But there may be several causes that mean we cannot deliver a letter. We mark all letters that we return to you with a returns stamp. It tells you why the recipient did not receive the letter.

Here you can see what the different returns stamps mean.

Unknown address

  • The address is inadequate/inaccurate
  • The recipient’s name is not on the mailbox
  • The recipient has moved and the new address is unknown or the forwarding service has expired
  • The recipient cannot be located

The consignment cannot be delivered

  • Street name/house number not found
  • The mailbox is full/missing/broken
  • The property is uninhabited/empty house/apartment
  • There is no building or it is a building under construction
  • It is not cleared of snow, there is a dangerous dog or other reason that prevents access

Other distributor

  • The consignment was originally distributed by, for example, Bladkompagniet or DAO

Delivery refused

  • The recipient refuses to accept delivery of the consignment


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