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Useful things to know about magazine mail

Everything you need to know about how to get your magazine mail safely and accurately to your customers. You can read about, among other things, sorting, address formats and requirements regarding packing on pallets. 

We have gathered all information about magazine mail in Instructions for Magazine Mail (pdf). Options and processes described in detail, so we recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly. For example, there are differences in how batches of different sizes are packed. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you have any doubts.

The instructions provide, among other things, descriptions of;

  • Addressing and address files.
  • Packing and sorting requirements.
  • Submission/drop off.
  • Layouts and other format requirements.

We ensure address files are verified

Address verification (i.e. address wash) is an integrated part of Magazine Mail and must be carried out. The address verification process ensures good address quality, efficient productions processes and ensures your shipments arrive at the right recipients.

The address verification is free. You just need to structure the address file in accordance to our guidelines. More information is available here: Guidelines for address files for address verification (pdf).

Contact us if you need technical advice about address verification or structuring address files in Udgiver 2 and 3-format. You can call Product Support Address Verification at 70 21 23 16. We are available between 9 am and 4 pm on business days. You can also send us an email to

Submission and drop off

You have to send us a schedule for the planned submissions of sorted magazine mail. We need to have the submission schedule when we enter into an agreement. Every year, you send us a new schedule for the upcoming year’s submissions.

Here you can see what information we need: Example of submission schedule for magazine mail (xlsx)

You can easily change your submission schedule during the year. Just let us know at least 10 days before the submission you wish to change.

We have two drop off points (Zealand and Jutland). You choose where you want to drop off your magazine mailings - we just have to agree on it in advance.

Terminal Tåstrup (TTA)
Bohus Boulevard 1A
DK-2630 Tåstrup, Zealand, Denmark

Sydjyllands Postcenter (FAC)
Snaremosevej 65
DK-7007 Fredericia, Jutland, Denmark

You need to provide a filled in delivery slip for magazine mail – B69 (xlsx) when you drop off magazine mail. If you need guidance, more information is available here: How to fill in the B69 delivery slip (pdf).

Magazine mail is always distributed within five distribution days of being dropped off. More information is available here:

Get the imprint here

Magazine mail items must be imprinted with PP-imprint, ID number and a special imprint for magazine mail. You can find it all here: Imprint for magazine mail (in Danish).