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New prices for letters

Prices for the various letter products will rise. For Business Letters (Erhvervsbreve), postage will increase by an average of 1.5 percent.

Easier submission of Business Letters and Direct Mail

We will make it easier for you to hand in many of your batches of mail. It will now only be necessary to divide your Business Letters and Direct Mail with standard and large formats into batches from 10,000 letters, rather than from the current 3,000 letters.

Please note that for Business Letters and Direct Mail with the maxi format, and for Direct Mail with manual handling, it will still be necessary to divide the items into batches from 1,000 letters.

Easier to use Business Letter Maxi and Direct Mail Maxi

It will be easier to use Business Letter Maxi, for example when sending light items. The minimum requirement will be 1,000 pieces of mail across all the weight classes rather than the current 1,000 pieces of mail in a single weight class.

We are amalgamating weight classes

We will amalgamate weight classes for several letter products. This means that for all letter types there will be only one weight class of 250 g - 2,000 g, and there will be a class of 250 g - 1,000 g for Direct Mail: These apply to:

  • Business Letters
  • Direct Mail
  • Postage Paid
  • Letters franked using a franking machine
  • Letters with stamps

Notification of Quick Letters (Quickbreve)

If you are planning to send large batches of Quick Letters at the same time, involving 10,000 or more items of mail, please notify us of this at least five business days in advance. This will allow us to take it into account in our staffing plans and, if necessary, have consultation about requests and suggestions regarding submission.

New international rules for letters containing goods

If you send goods in international letters, please note that new international rules require that there has to be a barcode on the letter from January 1. We have developed a solution, called PostNord Untracked, via which you can obtain a barcode for your letter at a competitive price. Note that such letters will initially not have tracking options.


We are introducing surcharges for parcels that require special handling

The surcharge will be charged per parcel and will reflect the additional costs we incur for parcels that require special handling.

In the future, you may therefore be billed either a Special Handling surcharge or an Oversize surcharge if your parcels cannot be sorted using our fully automated sorting machines or otherwise require special handling. If you send parcels larger than 175 cm, this will trigger an Oversize surcharge rather than a Special Handling surcharge.

We are introducing surcharges for parcels that require special handling

Special Handling surchargeOversize surcharge
Parcels that cannot be sorted using our fully automated sorting machines.Parcels with a length of between 175 and 220 centimeters require significantly more manual handling and complicate transportation in parcel cages and vehicles.

We are introducing a new, flexible returns solution

With the new PostNord Return Pickup, your customers can decide when return parcels should be collected from their home address.

Your customers can decide

PostNord Return PickupPostNord Request (formerly: PostNord Return Pickup)
A new, flexible returns solution for your B2C customers. Your customers decide themselves when we should pick up the return parcels from their homes.The same product for your B2B customers as before, just with a new name. You book collection of the parcel, which is then picked up from the sender on the next business day.

*Goods and couriers

Please note that this page will be updated in the near future with information about goods and couriers.