Smart marketing solutions for CRM and marketing managers

We have a range of different solutions that can help you with your marketing work. The market is changing rapidly and all companies are different. We therefore adapt to you and your company’s needs.

What is the best way to communicate with your target groups?

There is no single communication channel that is right for all messages and all people in all situations. Communicating in multiple channels with partially differentiated content is a sure way to boost loyalty, build a brand and encourage people to make purchases. PostNord helps you reach your customers with information and advertising, and we are more than happy to help you find your particular target groups.

The assistance we can provide to marketing managers

Business Communication

If you want to send invoices, financial reports, account statements, agreements or HR documents, such as payroll specifications, PostNord can provide both physical and digital solutions.

Market Communication

It’s no coincidence that both large retail chains and small local retailers so often choose direct marketing to both identify new customers and to retain and further develop their existing customers.

Do you need further advice or guidance?

You are always welcome to contact Customer Service at 70 11 12 30. We are available between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.

The most common services for marketing managers

  • Address Validation

    Keep your recipients' addresses up to date when sending letters and Direct Mail.

    More about Address Validation
  • Magazine Mail

    Send catalogs, magazines and member newsletters to a large group of recipients several times a year and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

    More about Magazine Mail
  • Omnichannel communication

    Omnichannel helps you communicate with your customers on their terms, giving them the best customer experience – physically and digitally.

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  • Direct Mail

    Do you want to gain the attention of lots of people and attract more consumers with your message? Direct Mail lets you build on relationships with existing customers, find new customers in your target market, generate traffic for your online store, and attract new customers to your physical store. Effectively and easily.

    More about Direct Mail