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Local Parcel Lockers

Nærboks Local Parcel Lockers make it simple for you to receive your parcels – even closer to you.

Parcel deliveries even closer to you

PostNord and SwipBox are now rolling out Denmark’s new parcel infrastructure nationwide.

In partnership with Swipbox, we are now rolling out Denmark’s new parcel infrastructure – known as “Nærboks” (Local Parcel Locker) – in all parts of the country.

More and more people are shopping over the internet, so over the coming six months, fully 2,000 Local Parcel Lockers will be set up to make it quick and easy for you to collect your parcels 24/7 and even closer to where you live.

Local Parcel Lockers will initially become part of the urban landscape in the Greater Copenhagen Area and Aarhus, and they will then be rolled out to the rest of Denmark. The lockers will be positioned at a variety of locations, including the premises of property owners and housing associations, close to public transport stops and in local supermarkets and service stations.

The installation of the 2,000 Local Parcel Lockers is only the start, and the ambition is to make the network tighter and tighter until as many as 10,000 lockers have been installed nationwide.

Once all the Local Parcel Lockers are in place, 98 percent of Danes will be within 300 meters of the nearest locker. This will make it the most tightly knit network of parcel lockers in the world.

Find out more about Local Parcel Lockers and locate your nearest locker.

Read the press release about Nærboks  Local Parcel Lockers

Collecting parcels from Local Parcel Lockers

Collecting parcels from a Local Parcel Locker is quick, simple convenient. All you need to do is:

  • make sure you have downloaded the PostNord app to your smartphone
  • choose the Nærboks (Local Parcel Locker) option when shopping online.

Then, simply open the PostNord app to track your parcel. A message will be sent to you via the app when your parcel arrives at the Local Parcel Locker you have selected.

Make sure Bluetooth is active, and a single click in the app will open the door to the compartment containing your parcel when you approach the bank of lockers. It doesn’t get simpler or closer than that.

How easy it is to use Nærboks Local Parcel Lockers