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Self select delivery location

Get the Self-Select Delivery Location web service in your online store and make it even easier for your customers to shop with you

Let your customers decide for themselves where and when they receive your items

Self-Select Delivery Location is a service for your online store that enables your customers to choose where they wish to pick up their items. The service is integrated into the checkout flow in your online store so that your customers can enter e.g. their zip code and choose freely from delivery locations in their area. You can also make it possible for them to see the delivery locations on a map.

One service – and more than 1,200 locations to pick up parcels

Self-Select Delivery Location brings all our delivery locations together in one selection function so that your customers can pick up parcels from you where they want – and when they want. During the autumn of 2013, we expanded the number of delivery locations so that there were more than 1,200 locations from which parcels from your online store could be picked up!

300 Pakkeboks terminals

In the autumn of 2013, we opened 300 self-service Pakkeboks terminals in Superbrugsen, Irma and Fakta stores across the country so that it would be even easier for customers to pick up parcels when they went shopping.

160 Pakkeboks terminals open 24 hours a day

Døgnposten is centrally located at railway stations, shopping centers and on the street in a number of Danish towns and cities, making it easy for your customers to pick up their parcels 24 hours a day.

683 postal service franchises

Manned postal service franchises are usually inside a store, where it is possible to pick up parcels whenever the store is open – easy when the customer needs to go shopping.

60 post offices

Post offices are typically open between 10.00 and 5.30 pm.

Would you like to find out more about Self-Select Delivery Location?

Contact us by phoning +45 70 11 12 30.