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Optimise your marketing with unaddressed circulars and Direct Mail

82% of letters in the mailbox from businesses are opened and 54% of people feel valued when they receive a letter – and 53% of us say that letters are the best way of eliciting a response to e.g. a special offer.*

* These figures are taken from the analysis Brevets styrke (“Power of the Letter”)

New – Reach out to the customers who buy most online in your industry

With conzoom® e-commerce insight, you have the option of aiming unaddressed advertising at areas that we know in advance do a lot of online shopping in your industry.

Based on an analysis of which areas receive most parcels from your industry, linked to demographic variables from conzoom®, it is now possible to target those of your customers with the greatest potential.

With conzoom®, you can choose to cross-match data on industry preference with data on income, family circumstances, type of housing or lifestyle – making your unaddressed advertising even more likely to yield results.

e-commerce insight 11 industries, based on the FDIH (Danish e-Commerce Association) industry groupings:

  • Home and kitchen
  • Building and gardens
  • Children, babies and toys
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Electronics and IT
  • Office and hobby items
  • Personal care
  • Food and drink
  • Media, culture experiences and entertainment
  • Sport and leisure
  • Transport and travel

Save 15% on your first campaign – if you have not used Unaddressed Mailing in the past 18 months, you will be eligible for a 15% introductory discount. This means that you can experience the effect of conzoom® with e-commerce insight at a low cost.

Contact us for advice and a price

Phone us on +45 70 21 80 66 for a suggestion of the best way to select your target groups and a special offer.

You will also have an option of gaining an overview of which zip codes receive the most parcels from your industry.

Unaddressed advertising is a good way of attracting attention

Unaddressed advertising is a good way of drawing attention to your online store. Your message is delivered with personal letters and is noticed when the daily mail is sorted. In the quest for new customers, you may choose either to send unaddressed advertising to particular areas or target advertising on the basis of age, type of household, income, level of education, employment or consumption and purchasing habits. We have the tools to find your new customers.

Sell more to your customers using Direct Mail

Direct Mail is the cheapest option for sending personalised marketing directly to your customers or to bought addresses. With a personal letter, you can target your message of special offers so that they are appropriate to the recipient, and consequently also achieve a higher response rate. We will be happy to check your customers’ addresses for errors and to see whether people at the address have moved. In that way, you can keep your customer database up-to-date.

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