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Customs information from PostNord regarding Brexit

The United Kingdom is expected to exit the European Union (the EU) on January 31st, 2020. The expected departure from the customs union entails significant changes to parcel transport and logistics flows to and from the UK.

At present, it is unclear whether a deal will exist between the United Kingdom and the EU when what is known as “Brexit” becomes a reality. PostNord is working to ensure the smoothest possible transition for our customers in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, whatever the outcome of the ongoing negotiations. For example, PostNord is working with the Royal Mail and DPD, and bringing in extra staff to handle customs procedures at Arlanda, as well as in Malmö, Örebro, Copenhagen and Kolding.

If negotiations result in a “soft Brexit” – i.e. an exit with a firm exit agreement in place – agreed transition provisions will apply to trade between the EU and the United Kingdom. In this case, trade would continue under the present terms and conditions during a transition period that would run until December 31, 2020.

If no exit agreement is signed, the result would be what is termed a “hard Brexit”, which would have an impact from the perspectives of both customs duties and VAT. In that case, the processing of goods and trade between the EU and the United Kingdom would entail amended routines and new duties. It may be necessary to provide advance notice of some goods, different types of customs requirements – for active and passive processing, for example – may be required, and other regulations concerning security and protection may be applied to exports. Import and export customs declarations would be required from the dispatching party. Incomplete customs clearance may lead to waiting time at the borders.

For additional information about preparations, visit the customs authorities’ websites:

Information about Brexit from the Danish Customs Agency

Please contact our customer service if you have questions about PostNord’s processes and customs procedures in connection with Brexit.

Business Customers exporting goods to Great Britain can contact us by phone – 70 11 12 30.

For questions about import from Great Britain, please call 70 21 80 71.