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Our Solutions/TPL/Storage solutions

Customer-adapted and efficient storage solutions

By outsourcing your storage to PostNord, your company has access to modern, cost-effective storage solutions.

Is your company struggling with a sharp rise in volumes, making it difficult for you to plan the capacity of your own warehouse? Or are you in the starting phase of an expansion into new markets, making it difficult to predict your future warehousing needs? Then outsourcing your warehousing may be an interesting option.

With the help of a reliable logistics partner that takes responsibility for warehousing, order picking and packing, planning and procurement of distribution transports, returns management, and various additional services, for example, your company can reduce logistics costs and simultaneously improve customer service.

Greater flexibility

By outsourcing the company’s warehousing, you will move your fixed warehousing costs to a more flexible, variable cost structure based on the scope of the operation. With PostNord as your logistics partner, you won’t have to have your own warehouse staff, which makes it difficult to handle volume swings. We move our staff between various customer assignments in order to cost-effectively handle volume variations.

Our selection of logistics services covers all parts of the delivery chain. Depending on where in the lifecycle your company is, you can choose which services you want to purchase and which you want to continue to have under your own management. The main factor is that your employees have more time to concentrate on what’s most important: developing your company to the next level. We will take responsibility to ensure that your logistics solution is not just an expense item, but also a competitive advantage on this journey.

Examples of services connected to warehousing

  • Import shipping
  • Warehousing
  • Picking, packing and distribution
  • Returns management

We also offer several value-enhancing additional services, such as:

  • Product photography, for example for presenting on a webshop
  • Construction of display pallets for efficient store logistics
  • Product labeling and relabeling
  • Configuration of technical equipment
  • Customer support for your customers

Specialists in many industries

We have expertise in several different industries, such as:

  • Alcoholic beverages (SE,DK,NO)
  • Car industry
  • Groceries
  • Building and garden
  • Pharmaceuticals and health
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • TV and telecom
  • Books and media

We also have statutory permission to store, among other things:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hazardous substances
  • Duty unpaid items

Nordic market presence and continuous development

Our modern logistics units are strategically located in the Nordic region, so that we can reach the entire Nordic market with short lead times.

We use a WMS in our warehouse that can easily communicate with our customers’ business systems in order to exchange information regarding customer orders, for example.

We continuously evaluate new warehousing techniques, such as automation and voice-controlled picking. In parallel with this technological development, continuous process streamlining takes place in part via dedicated logistics development resources, and in part by putting good ideas from our production staff to use.

Control Tower

Using our web-based IT support Control Tower, as a customer you always have control over your logistics. Whether this pertains to the current stock of a particular product or tracking a specific customer order, the information is never further away than the click of a button. The aim of Control Tower is that even if you have outsourced your logistics, you will have total control over your logistics flow and thus feel secure.

Customized services

We can customize different logistics services into a total solution that suits your specific needs and conditions.

Do you want to know more, or get started now?

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