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Your options when sending letters

Find the product that suits your needs and buy it via Online Porto (online postage), PostNord’s app or at your local post office.
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Letters within Denmark

– Letters up to 2 kg. 

Delivery within five business days, and you can mail the letters in a mailbox. 

You have several options when buying postage: Buy a stamp at a post office and put it on the letter; buy a postage code here in Online Porto (online postage) or use the PostNord app

Quick Letters arrive the next business day and are always delivered to a post office. Buy a special stamp at the post office and put it on the letter or use one of the options above.

Please note that special drop-off deadlines apply for next business day delivery. 


Registered Letters within Denmark and abroad

– Registered Letters are delivered with a receipt and are trackable. 

Within Denmark, you can choose between two service levels for Registered Letters: Delivery within five business days or next business day delivery after dropping off with PostNord. 

Registered Letters are insured, and you can use them for important documents and particularly valuable contents. 

You can also send Registered Letters abroad. See the delivery times for individual countries here in the bar (in Danish).  

If you are sending valuable contents, we recommend that you check what your consignment is allowed to contain in the bar with Country information (in Danish). If you cannot find the information you need, you can contact the embassy of the recipient country. 

Registered Letters must be dropped off at a post office. 


International Letters

– Send letters worldwide.

Delivery times for the individual countries can be found here.

Buy a postage code here, in the PostNord app or buy a stamp from the post office. Find your nearest post office here.

For International Letters, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, write ‘Prioritaire’ or stick the label ‘Prioritaire’ on the front of the letter. You can get the labels for free at the post office.