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Fuel premium

The current fuel premium is always available on this page. The premium is adjusted at the end of each month and published here before taking effect.

About the fuel premium

The fuel premium for deliveries to Denmark is based on the underlying average consumer price for ultra-low-sulphur diesel per 1,000 litres, including VAT and taxes.

The premium is calculated monthly using the previous period, such that 0.00 % is equal to a price of DKK 5,178.75. One percentage point equates to a rise of DKK 345.25.

The calculated premium is rounded to one decimal place.

For example, a consumer price of DKK 11,048.00 corresponds to a premium of 17.0 % ((11,048.00 - 5,178.75)/345.25)=17.0 %. The price of ultra-low-sulphur diesel is published daily at

The fuel premium for pallets shipped abroad is based on the average consumer price for diesel the last week of the month, three months prior (for example: the fuel premium in March is based on the diesel price during the last week of December). The average consumer price for diesel is published each week by the European Commission Directorate for Energy and Transport in the Oil Bulletin.

Current fuel premium

Erhvervs-pakker to DenmarkBusiness-pakker abroad
Paller og stykgods to DenmarkPaller og stykgods abroad

Environment premium: 2 %

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