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Mail service for Businesses

Franking machine

Using a franking machine saves both time and money for business owners.

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Benefits with Franking machine
  • Saves time – franking can be done quickly with a franking machine.
  • Saves money – you always use the cheapest individual postage rate, based on the weight of the letter, as determined in the franking machine.
  • Convenient – you avoid having to have different values of stamps available and can frank various types of consignments.
  • Professional impression – you generate a sense of security among recipients as a result of the professional impression provided by your letters.
an easy way to frank your letters

Franking letters using a franking machine is a convenient and easy way to pay the postage for individual items. You can frank most types of letters, both domestic and international. If the letter has a format or a thickness that means it does not fit into the machine, you can instead print a franking stamp on an adhesive label.

The franking machine automatically calculates the postage each time, so you can be sure that your letters are franked with the correct amount.

If you instead want to send a large amount of identical letters, you can use a PP stamp to save more on postage costs.

A franking machine provides you with better control of your postage costs, as it gives you an overview of how many letters you have sent and for what total cost.

How to get started with Franking machine 

A franking machine can be leased or purchased. There are five approved suppliers of franking machines.

You decide yourself whether you want to have a credit agreement and then pay for your monthly usage, or if you want to pay an amount into an account at PostNord. At the same time, you minimize the number of documents in your accounts.

You can frank the postage directly onto the letter's envelope or onto adhesive labels. You can then post the letters in one of our mailboxes, or hand them in at a business center or letter terminal.

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