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Send Business Letter


Erhvervsbreve provide a low cost solution for companies that send numerous letters in Denmark at the same time.

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Advantages of Erhvervsbreve
  • Affordable – a good solution with an attractive price for companies sending at least 3,000 letters within Denmark.
  • Relationship-enhancing – you strengthen your relationship with customers and increase commitment.
  • Personal – you can design your message however you like, and customize it to the relevant target group.
  • Reach your target group at the first time attempt by validating the recipient addresses in your print file before sending, using Address Validation.
if you want to send a large number of letters at the same time

Does your company want to send a large quantity of letters within Denmark at the same time? Then Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters) is a low cost solution that is suitable for you.

There are three types of Erhvervsbreve

  • Erhvervsbreve: Standardbreve (Standard) and Storbreve (Large) formats, minimum 3,000 letters. Delivered within five working days of being posted.
  • Erhvervsbreve Maxi: maxi letter format, minimum 1,000 letters. Delivered within five working days of being posted (Monday - Friday).
  • Erhvervsbreve 2 days: Standardbreve format, minimum 250 letters. Delivered within two working days of being posted.


Posting of consignments

Advance notice Advance notification of five working days should always be provided before handing in batches of 5,000 items or more.

Erhvervsbreve can be handed in at letter terminals or selected business mail centers, in return for payment. The latest posting time is 6 pm.

If you choose to use Erhvervsbreve, it must be possible to machine-sort your consignments. This means that consignments must be flat. T here must be space for a sorting code.

Dimensions and weights

Standardbreve (Standard format)
Minimum: 9 x 14 cm
Maximum:23 x 17 cm
Max. thickness:0,5 cm
Max. weight:  50 g
Storbreve (Large format)
Minimum:9 x 14 cm
Maximum:33 x 23 cm
Max. thickness:1 cm
Max. weight:250 g
Maxibreve (Maxi format)
Minimum: 9 x 14 cm
Maximum:Length 60 cm (and length + width + height = 90 cm)
Max. weight:2 kg

Over-sized items

Maxibreve with a thickness of more than 3 cm and/or larger than 33 x 23 cm are considered to be over-sized. They are subject to an over-size surcharge.


From DKK 4.90 per letter, up to 10,000 items. The price is lower for sending 10,000 or more items.

You can calculate the price here or view theprice list for Erhvervsbreve (Business Letters) (pdf).

Postage and labeling

Erhvervsbreve are franked using a PP-stamp, which is our cheapest franking option. More information about PP-franking.

Other specifications are available on the fact sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Customer Service

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