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Get your mail faster and early

There are several different ways of ensuring that your company’s mail is delivered early in the day and regular letters are delivered faster.

Delivery 8–10 am

If you need your company’s mail to arrive early, you can ask us to deliver it directly to your address.

We will deliver mail to your company in an 30-minute window between 8–10 am.

If you want to hear more please call us on +45 70 11 12 30.

Post office box service

You can rent a post office box and pick up your company’s mail when it suits you. In most places, mail is already in the post office box at 8 am. You choose where you want your post office box to be.

Post office box center

There is another way to get your mail without picking it up yourself. If you sign up for a post office box in a mail center (only available in Copenhagen), we can offer the following options:

  • forwarding to a physical address in Denmark or abroad
  • delivery to zip codes 1000–2500


Posten Digital

Posten Digital [“Digital Mail”] – easy and convenient

With our Posten Digital service, we can deliver letters directly to your e-mail. You do not even need to change your e-mail address! We will deliver your letters every day – Monday to Friday – in electronic format before 10 am. There is no easier way to get your mail.

Using Posten Digital, you will be able to read your letters anywhere, even when you are not in the office. All you need to do is access your e-mail. It is easy to store documents, forward documents to the recipients and to delete documents that are not relevant.

Advantages of Posten Digital

  • your letters will be sent to you in electronic format before 10 am – every working day
  • you will receive your letters in your e-mail inbox: one e-mail per scanned letter
  • letters are scanned to PDF format. One PDF file per letter
  • you do not need to change your e-mail address. We will make sure that letters are scanned
  • you can choose between having the physical mail forwarded to you once a week, or we can archive it for you
  • one letter per PDF file, and one PDF file per e-mail
  • simple, easy-to-understand subscription depending on the volume of mail that we need to scan

Contact us

If you want to hear more please call Data Scanning A/S on +45 46 55 00 70.

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