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Special Delivery of early mail

We’ll deliver your business post early on every workday.
Chat with customer service to sign up

Your benefits with Special Delivery

  • Mail is delivered to your business address early in the day

  • Letters are generally delivered a few days earlier than regular delivery

  • We deliver letters throughout the week

How it works

Request Special Delivery when you want to have your mail before others. You will receive all letters early in the day, and daily rather than weekly. We’ll deliver the mail to your address at a fixed one-hour window between 8:00 and 10:00. We’ll agree on the time when you create your Customer Agreement with us.

How to get started

Contact Customer Service Business via chat on the Customer Portal to enter into a Customer Agreement. When entering the Agreement, we’ll agree on the time of delivery, location of delivery at the address, and other practical matters. If you don't have an agreement with us yet, please contact us via Customer Service Private.