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Consignment collection

If you are already a customer and want to order a collection or empty material, then click Order collection.
Get a non-binding offer and become a Business Customer Order collection

Your benefits with consignment collection

  • You save time by letting us collect your consignments

  • We will collect both letters and parcels from your address

  • You can choose yourself which solution suits you best

Your collection options

  • Collection of a smaller number of parcels and letters

    • Ad hoc pickup of parcels: You can have up to three parcels per day picked up from your address. Next day, parcel pickup takes place if you have booked it before 22:00 the night before. Read more about Ad hoc Pickup in the factsheet Parcel services and surcharges.
    • We offer to collect up to 10 full yellow letter trays of letters free of charge with your parcel collection when you have an agreement for regular collection with us.

  • Collection as part of your parcel agreement

    • When you send more than 1,000 parcels per year with PostNord, we can collect parcels as part of your parcel agreement. We collect as either a daytime collection (between 8:00 and 16:00) or in an allotted time window in the afternoon (between 14:00 and 18:00).

  • Collection of parcels and letters as a subscription plan

    • We also offer a collection solution as a subscription plan, where we will collect consignments from your address on all workdays or a fixed day of the week. We collect up to 4 pallet spaces of parcels or letters.
    • If the space requirement on our vehicles is greater than 4 pallet spaces, we can easily collect your parcels with a special transport agreement.

  • Extra collection or collection without an agreement for regular collection

    • If you have a standing agreement for collection, you can book an additional collection for free until the weekday before 16:00 (up to 4 pallet spaces).
      You can book extra collection or, if you don’t have an agreement for regular collection agreement with us, consignment collection here.



You can see prices for Ad hoc Pickup and subscription plan here.

With collection as part of your parcel agreement, you vill be informed of the prices per parcel before entering the agreement.  

With the special transport agreement, (fixed agreement/ordering of an extra collection when more than 4 pallet spaces) a price is calculated for you either as a part of the parcel price or as a fixed monthly payment. You will be informed of the price before entering the agreement.

Want to know more?

Contact us via the Customer Portal to learn more about your options.