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Franking service

We frank your company’s mail.
Order Franking Service

Your benefits with Franking Service

  • No postage bills or franking in excess

  • PostNord automatically makes sure that you get the cheapest PP postage possible

  • Save time, investment and maintenance costs for franking

Simplify your franking

With our Franking Service, managing your daily mail is easy.

You pick up and hand in the mail of the day. We’ll take in and frank the letters, so that they reach the recipients with the correct postage. We use a single business day for franking, which is added to the service target of the letters.

  • If you havemore than 250 letters to Denmark and abroad on the day, the low PP postage is automatically applied. The same applies for Quick Letters
  • You’ll avoid franking in excess
  • You can get your own company-specific imprint on the letters
  • All Standard, Large and Maxi Letters can be franked

See the prices here


How to get started

Create a Franking Service Agreement here. Then you’re good to go.

How to do it

  • Divide the letters into Quick Letters and Letters.
  • For larger quantities in letter trays,you must use the Franking Service envelopes that we provide you with. For Maxi Letters, we can agree for you to deliver the letter in bags or postal containers.
  • Place the Consignment Note for the Quick Letters (yellow sheet) and/or the Consignment Note for Letters (green sheet) and add the sender on the back of the envelope.
  • Drop off the letters with us or arrange for us to pick them. Make an appointment here.

Get a detailed walkthrough in our guidelines:

Order sheets and special envelopes here.



You can drop off your Letters for the Franking Service in three ways:

  • We can pick up your consignment directly from your company by entering into an agreement about the daily pickup of mail. Enter an agreement here.
  • You can drop off your Letter at a post office or Business Drop-off.
  • You can drop them off in a mailbox if you use the franking service envelopes.

Find your nearest post office, mailbox or Business Drop-off here.

Advanced notice

There is no minimum for the number of consignments, but we need notification if you have more than:

  • 1,000 standard letters or standard Quick Letters.
  • 300 Large/Maxi Letters or Large/Maxi Quick Letters.