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Address Validation

Update your recipient addresses with Address Validation when you have a Mail or Direct Mail mailout
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Your benefits of Address Validation

  • Free service when you have at least 1,000 addresses in your mailout

  • With the right recipient data, you reach your customer the first time and maintain valuable relationships with them

  • Save time and money on printing and postage for letters that cannot be delivered to the recipient. You do not have to handle returns or send a letter twice to the same recipient.

Do you have the right addresses?

On average, 2% of our customers’ addresses cannot be found, or we can’t find the recipient. This means wasted postage. With Address Validation, you can verify your recipient addresses for your Letter or Direct Mail mailouts against the PostNord recipient database for free when you have 1,000 addresses or more.

With Address Validation, we’ll help you with:

  • Updating your recipient addresses with new information for customers who have moved.
  • Removing duplicate addresses.
  • Marking customers who do not want to receive marketing (are registered on the Robinson List).
  • Dividing addresses into home and business addresses.

Even if you use CPR or CVR addresses, the quality of the delivery increases when the addresses are validated against our recipient database.

Updated recipient data from PostNord may only be used by you as a customer and only in connection with consignments where you are the sender.

Try Address Validation with Scheduled Delivery

If you choose Address Validation with Scheduled Delivery, you know when the letters will be delivered to each of your customers. This helps you to know when you need to optimally staff your customer service or optimize your communication by combining with other channels.


Find guidelines for Address Validation and Address Validation with Scheduled Delivery here: