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Storage solutions

Avoid the hassle of having your own warehouse and let us store, pack and ship your goods. Contact us for a non-binding quote on +45 43 44 07 06.

Benefits of storage solutions

  • Advantageous outsourcing

  • Full transparency and control

  • Greater flexibility

  • Efficient handling and delivery

Warehouse and efficient logistics chain

If your business is growing or too many resources are going towards warehouse management, you can create more value and flexibility throughout the logistics chain by outsourcing to us. Our solution includes import and freight, warehouse handling, picking and packing, distribution and customs clearance – so you avoid all the hassle.

We also have a well-developed IT structure and handle a wide range of different data in several different business systems to enable you to have full insight into the logistics flow. As a Business Customer, you get full control over your orders and order status, stock levels, Track & Trace, KPI follow-up, invoices, billing information and more with our Control tower.


  • Stock management
  • Picking, packing and distribution
  • Importation of goods
  • Shipping of goods
  • Return handling
  • Product photography
  • Manufacturing of display pallets
  • Marking and tagging
  • Configuring of technical equipment
  • Support for your customers
  • Storage of certain goods such as food, medicine, alcohol, dangerous substances and goods cleared by customs