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International Courier and Express Delivery

Let our large network of partners transport your urgent shippings worldwide with PostNord Express.
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Benefits of International Courier and Express

  • Worldwide delivery

  • Proactive follow-up

  • Full tracking

  • High safety

Urgent deliveries worldwide

Would you like one entrance to the whole world? Do you have urgent international shippings or really important deliveries? With PostNord Express, you get the ideal solution covering your urgent international deliveries – no matter which solution you are looking for.

Through a broad network of partners, we have gathered an array of courier services, so you only have to worry about one solution. This entails that we have a solution for everything from acute deliveries and ordinary urgent shippings to transportation of items of high value or very fragile items.

You get full track & trace, and our courier specialists also do daily proactive follow-up on all your shippings. Therefore, you can safely leave your shipments to us. If anything deviates from the plan, our team will inform you immediately.


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Quick online booking
  • Proactive customer service 24/7
  • Specially designed solutions
  • Transportation of particularly valuable or dangerous goods
  • Professional counselling
  • Supplementary services such as delivery before 09.00/10.30 or 12:00 am.
  • Delivery on Saturdays
  • Option to get an additional transportation insurance