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Let your customers decide

With Self-Select Delivery Location, you can reduce your carriage costs and increase your conversion rate while ensuring far more satisfied customers.

Self-Select Delivery Location is a web service that enables the customers of your online store to choose from more than 5,100 locations throughout the Nordic region from which they can pick up their parcels, e.g. from one of the Pakkeboks terminals in Co-op stores and centrally located in towns and cities across the country.

“We have reduced our total carriage costs, had fewer returns, and of course, first and foremost, we have given our customers an even better service.”e-commerce Manager, Matas

Self-Select Delivery Location makes it easy for you to provide your customers with a good service, reduce your carriage costs and increase your conversion rate. Click here to find out more about how online stores such as Matas and Smartguy have improved their business with Self-Select Delivery Location.

How Select Delivery Location works

The customer enters e.g. a zip code and is then able to choose between a number of delivery locations from a drop-down menu. You can decide for yourself how many delivery locations are to be displayed, and whether they are to be shown on a map.

Make a good start

There are several different ways of getting Self-Select Delivery Location in your online store depending on which platform you run on and whether you wish to have the service sited locally.

API solution (real time)

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