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Customer Portal

The customer portal keeps track of all your parcels and letters and gives you a good overview and greater control of your logistics flow.

Get a unique overview of your parcels with the PostNord Customer Portal

Do you want to get better control of your deliveries, more satisfied customers and a better overview of the letters and parcels you send? Then our Customer Portal is what you need.

Benefits with Customer Portal

More control

Helps you keep track of all your shipments.

Better reporting

Provides smart tools that give you statistics and a good overview.

Cost efficient

Better control results in lower inventory costs.

Greater customer satisfaction

Customers who are given better information from you are more satisfied, which contributes to fewer returns.

The customer portal contains smart reporting tools that give you a good summary of, comprehensive statistics about and a solid overview of all the consignments you ship with PostNord. You get a dashboard providing an overview of how far your parcels have progressed. You can, among other things, see which parcels have already been delivered and which ones are on their way to recipients. You choose the number of days you want to view.

Better control of deliveries reduces the risk of returns from customers, resulting in lower inventory costs and a better understanding of how, when and where deliveries occur and where problems arise.

The customer portal contributes to achieving a better and more efficient delivery of parcels, both for you and for your customers. The logistics flow is quite simply smoother and customers are more satisfied.

Here are some examples of the challenges that the Customer Portal solves for you. You can

  • Reduce the total value of goods held at the post office by encouraging recipients to collect items earlier
  • Communicate with customers and recipients and, for example, inform them about when parcels from you may be delayed, or send them a reminder when they have not collected a parcel.

You just have to fill in a form to get started (in Danish).

Already a customer?

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