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Letters and parcels

Everything that fits in your mailbox for which the sender does not require a receipt will be waiting for you when you get home


How we deliver

We deliver to 2.6 million households across the country from Monday to Saturday. Letters can be delivered to your mailbox six days a week until mid-afternoon. Parcels are delivered from Monday to Friday until the evening.

Sometimes we might need to disturb you

When you receive a registered or insured item, we will have promised the sender that they will get a receipt. The mail carrier will ring your doorbell to deliver the item in person.

The mail carrier might also ring your doorbell if a letter is too big to fit in your mailbox. If you have signed up to the Modtagerflex (unattended delivery) service, we can leave your letter or parcel in an agreed place if you are not at home.

Sometimes you might need to pick up a delivery

If you are not home when the mail carrier rings your doorbell, they will leave a note advising you where you can pick up the item.

Remember to bring photo ID when picking up an item from the post office.

Remember your health insurance card when picking up parcel from a Pakkeboksen terminal.

The parcel carrier does not have keys to buildings, so if you live in an apartment building with a locked door, the mail carrier will delivery your notification the next day.

Parcels delivered to a Pakkeboksen terminal without your choosing

In some cases, we might ask you to pick up a parcel from a Pakkeboksen terminal, even if you are not a registered user. There are two main reasons why we might do this:

More and more online stores are using our service, which allows you to decide for yourself where you want to pick up your parcel. In these cases, you do not need to be a registered user to select delivery to a Pakkeboksen terminal.

We use both Pakkeboksen terminals and post offices as pick up locations when we cannot deliver to your address or the item is sent without delivery.

If you prefer to pick up your parcel at a post office, you can call our Customer Service team on +45 70 70 70 30 and we will deliver it to the post office where you normally pick up your parcels.

Payment on delivery parcels must be picked up from the post office

Parcels that need to be paid for before we can give them to you must be picked up from a post office. These include e.g. parcels with customs charges outstanding or payment on delivery parcels.

You will be told where you can pick up the item. Remember to bring photo ID when you pick up an item from the post office.

Here are the most frequently asked questions on customs issues. You can also call our Customer Services team on +45 70 70 70 30.

Parcel redelivery

If your parcel is being kept for you to pick up, you are welcome to get in touch with us to have it redelivered or moved to somewhere else for collection for a small fee.

Please contact us on +45 70 70 70 30 if you would like us to redeliver your parcel. ​​

Alternative delivery

You are not always in when the parcel carrier rings your doorbell, so you can either pick up your parcel from the post office or make it easier for yourself by registering for the Modtagerflex service, setting yourself up as a user of the Pakkeboksen or getting the sender to send the parcel with flexible delivery.

You may of course combine the solutions to best suit you.

Modtagerflex - unattended delivery service

Modtagerflex lets you agree with us on a place where we can leave your parcels and oversized letters.

Modtagerflex is a service that we offer to all of our customers, but it cannot be used for summer houses or second homes. Click here to find out more about the Modtagerflex service.

Sign up to the Modtagerflex service free of charge on the ePosthuset website or in your local post office.

Flexible delivery

You can also agree on a place to leave the parcel if it is sent with flexible delivery. Just tell the sender where you would like us to leave your parcel. The sender can specify where to leave the parcel on the address label, which we will check when we come to deliver. We will leave it in the location specified on the parcel.

Pakkeboksen – our parcel locker terminal

You’ll find Pakkeboksen terminals, which allow you to pick up parcels round the clock, in locations nationwide.

If you register as a user, you can get parcels sent directly to the terminal of your choice. You can choose whatever parcel locker terminal you want, and change terminal whenever you need to.

Once your parcel has been delivered to a terminal, we will send you an SMS or e-mail.

You can register as a Pakkeboksen terminal user via ePosthuset or our app.

Early delivery

Letters are delivered when the mail carrier reaches your mailbox on their rounds. If you need to be sure that your mail will arrive early in the morning, we have three different options for you:

Rental of post office box

We have post office boxes all over the country.

If you decide to rent a post office box, you can pick up your mail whenever it suits you. In most places, mail is already in the post office box at 8 am. You choose where you want your post office box to be.

You can choose between

  • a standard post office box where you receive letters, magazines, newspapers, direct mail and weekly local newspapers
  • an extended service where you also receive letters and parcels requiring receipt of delivery from the recipient

See a list of post offices where you can rent a post office box; here you can also see the latest time at which mail will arrive in the mailbox.

Find the prices for post office boxes and order a post office box directly online.​

Poste restante

Our Poste Restante service is for people who are temporarily located in a town where they do not live. All items are delivered to the post office, from which you can pick them up.

Items that are sent to you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • ​“Poste Restante” must be written clearly in the address field
  • The sender must write your name or company name
  • The post office from which you wish to collect the item must appear in the address wherever possible
  • The zip code and town in which you will collect the item must appear in the address

You will need to state your name and show ID when picking up an item. If the sender has written a company name instead of your name, we will require you to prove your association with the company before we can give you the item.

Poste Restante deliveries must be collected within 14 days, after which they will be returned to sender.

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