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Gain new customers

Reach out to the right people using addressed and unaddressed advertising.

Reach out to the right people using unaddressed advertising

Despite the name, unaddressed advertising is a good option if you want to get very close to a target group. We can help you target your advertising very accurately, e.g. right down to household level or particular age groups and occupations. And we can make sure that you do not send mail to those who are already your customers.

You can use unaddressed mail as both a form of mass media and for targeted advertising, so that you reach out to very specific target groups of particular relevance to you. In comparison with other media, unaddressed mailing is also a very cheap alternative with a high degree of familiarity and measurable effect.

Segmentation with unaddressed mail

Smart solutions, when you want to find new and profitable customers. We create targeted solutions based on analytical and segmentation tool, so that you find new customers who are interested in your products or services. This gives you greater accuracy, a better response and thus a lower contact price.

Use our smart segmentation tools to find new target groups similar to your existing customers. We make sure that only potential new customers are contacted.

Use letters when you want to get in touch with new customers

A letter with sales and marketing content is known as Direct Mail and may for example be a very simple sales letter in which you present a special offer. Or perhaps an exciting parcel containing a letter and a gimmick that may attract the customer’s attention and make them interested in your products.

When you use Direct Mail, you can compare cost with response. This provides a regular insight into what messages or offers are most effective and yield the best earnings.

We provide advice and service in connection with planning, implementation and follow-up of your Direct Mail. We also solve practical tasks, e.g. buying addresses of potential new customers, selecting target groups, updating the customer database, printing, enveloping and mailing Direct Mail letters.

Our Direct Mail product can be adapted to whatever needs there may be for a creative campaign. The solution consists of a cheap basic letter product and a range of opt-ins and opt-outs that give you greater flexibility and opportunities for creativity.

Contact us

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