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Ensure loyalty and sell more to your customers

Direct Mail is an effective communication channel for ensuring loyalty and making new and combination sales.

Send Direct Mail to your customers

Direct mail is a medium that makes it possible to communicate directly with your target group through a personal, targeted and relevant message.

Our Direct Mail product can be adapted to whatever needs there may be for a creative campaign. The solution consists of a cheap basic letter product and a range of opt-ins and opt-outs that give you greater flexibility and opportunities for creativity.

Find out more about Direct Mail

Send unaddressed advertising to your own customers

Use Husstandsdirect or Adresseløse Plus if you want to reach out to your own customer base. With Husstandsdirect and Adresseløse Plus, the addresses come from your own database, which means that you can contact your customers with relevant and incisive messages at an extremely affordable price.

Get your customer database under control

Have your customer database updated easily and simply so that you always have correct addresses.

If you have the right addresses from the start, you can save both time and money by avoiding sending letters or advertising to no avail. With an address cleanup, the company’s database is updated and tidied, and your letters find their way to the customers, even if the customers have recently moved or are on the mail preference service list (Robinsonlisten).

Last but not least, you will have a better customer experience when names and addresses are correct.

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